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Building on President Biden’s call to action in the State of the Union, the Biden-Harris Administration is joining with leading organizations to launch the National Partnership for Student Success (NPSS) to provide students with an additional 250,000 tutors and mentors over the next three years. Here is a fact sheet about the initiative.

Our first-ever tutoring fair on November 5th connected tutoring providers with districts and schools. We invite you to watch Dr. Amanda Neitzel from JHU and Jen Krajewski from ProvenTutoring present an overview of evidence-based tutoring models.

ProvenTutoring partnered with the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) in October to create a webisode for their Inclusive Leadership series. Dr. Amanda Neitzel and Jen Krajewski share an overview of research-proven interventions and how they can populate Tiers 1, 2, and 3 in a MTSS.

View a recording from our first webinar on June 29th, 2021. Here you will learn more about the coalition and each of the proven, scalable tutoring models.

High-Quality Classwork + Tutoring: Proven Recipe for Closing the Learning Gap

EdWeek Market Brief Interviews ProvenTutoring co-founder, Nancy Madden

ProvenTutoring co-founder Nancy Madden spoke with EdWeek Market Brief about how today’s tutoring efforts compare to the Supplemental Educational Services (SES) program a key part of the No Child Left Behind Act. While the SES program did not have the desired impact on student outcomes, today’s efforts are different, Madden noted in the interview.

“[Tutoring] is much more managed by the educators as a part of the educational system, rather than something that is seen as a supplement to a failing educational system,” Madden said.

Besides being more involved in tutoring implementation efforts, Madden pointed out that states have clear criteria for programs that include size, ability to scale up and provide continuity, and evidence based on the guidelines from the 2015 Every Student Succeeds Act.

She ends the interview with additional advice for those attempting to develop scalable tutoring efforts, which includes sticking to in-person tutoring, providing tutoring during class time, and building strong relationships between students and their tutor.

“The models and the evidence are obviously important, but kids having a relationship with somebody who is their advocate seems to be really powerful,” Madden said.

You can read the full piece here (subscription required).

Nancy Madden is also a professor at the Center for Research and Reform in Education at the School of Education at Johns Hopkins University and CEO of the Success for All Foundation.

The push to recruit 250,000 tutors is going to take time to ramp up but is central to overcoming the staffing challenges facing schools and providers who want to scale tutoring.

ProvenTutoring’s Dr. Nancy Madden discusses which tutoring programs deliver the biggest bang for the buck.

In this guest commentary, ProvenTutoring advocates for research-proven tutoring models in Maryland public schools.

In this podcast, Alan Safran from Saga discusses the powerful impact of high dosage tutoring that is embedded in the school-day.

“We Have First Graders Who Can’t Sing the Alphabet Song: Pandemic Continues to Push Young Readers Off Track” features the expertise of Future Forward Literacy’s Kate Bauer-Jones regarding the significant needs of our younger learners who have not experienced a normal school year.

Dr. Amanda Neitzel from JHU and ProvenTutoring shares her expertise in this NY Times article on tutoring. Our coalition partner, Saga Education, is featured as an example of a research-proven tutoring program that is successfully navigating a challenging school year to provide high-quality tutoring to thousands of students.

Melinda Young, superintendent of Steubenville City Schools in Ohio, urges her fellow school leaders to adopt proven tutoring programs. Read more about the success her district found partnering with Success for All in District Administration Magazine.

Saga Education proposes a great solution to teacher shortages in an article for RealClear Education.

The Center on Reinventing Public Education reviewed pandemic responses in 100 large and urban districts and discussed the findings in this article for The 74. Learn what schools are doing to accelerate learning and why it is important for these strategies to have an evidence-base.

What are districts doing with their ESSER funding? Tutoring is a top choice, according to Bloomberg City Lab. Read the latest on the spending and tracking of this historic investment in our public schools.

ProvenTutoring is mentioned in this tutor’s journey to teacher. Read his story here in the The Hechinger Report.

Check out this June webinar featuring educators who discuss their successful partnership with Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes and its dramatic impact on student achievement.

Read Dr. Amanda Neitzel’s op-ed in The 74 on why schools should continue with summer tutoring programs in the fall!

Learn about the impact of Saga Education in Study: Chicago Tutoring Program Delivered Huge Math Gains; Personalization May Be the Key.

Read this analysis on the impact of high dosage tutoring.

Read Dr. Amanda Neitzel’s op-ed in The 74 about closing the achievement gap with a proven tutoring program.

ProvenTutoring is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a research grant to understand how schools can improve the adoption, implementation, and scaling of tutoring models. We plan to test how to best support school leaders in selecting, planning for, and providing ongoing support for highly effective tutoring models during the school day. Additionally, we will build understanding around educator decision making when adopting a tutoring model and will identify barriers to scale as experienced by providers. Our team is collaborating with districts nationally to support the implementation of high-impact tutoring. Through a partnership with the Colorado Department of Education, ProvenTutoring will provide technical assistance to district grantees of its High Impact Tutoring Program. The award, presented by the nonprofit organization Accelerate, is part of a broader national effort to develop and scale a sustainable, cost-effective models for high-impact tutoring that boosts academic achievement for all students.

Amanda Neitzel of ProvenTutoring was quoted in a story in The Hechinger Report on November 7, 2022. “Good tutoring also means working with the same tutor over time and building a relationship, which isn’t usually possible with an on-demand sort of support,” said Amanda Neitzel, assistant professor at the Center for Research and Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins University and research director for ProvenTutoring.
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