Future Forward 

Future Forward is an early primary program leveraging one-on-one tutoring and caregiver engagement to develop literacy skills of struggling readers.

In the middle of his kindergarten year, the pandemic shut down Jay’Ceon’s Alabama elementary school. He was just beginning to learn to read, and his classroom teacher and mother were concerned that the lack of classroom instruction could mean he would struggle with reading skills.

Future Forward’s tutoring program stepped in to keep Jay’Ceon moving in the right direction.

During the pandemic’s remote learning phase, Future Forward’s engaging, whole-child learning approach kept Jay’Ceon’s reading progress on track. Central to the Future Forward’s program is its family-school-community partnership approach that creates support systems around students that continue beyond their immediate participation. After work, his mother Tiffany connected with his tutor through video conferencing to collaborate on strategies she could implement to help Jay’Ceon improve with writing letters and reading.

Now in the 2nd grade and in-person at school, Jay’Ceon is reading above grade level. His learning team of his tutor, classroom teacher, and mother were a cohesive team focused on his ongoing success as a joyful, proficient reader.  

“Future Forward looks at the whole child when planning and implanting reading strategies to get children on the road to reading success.” 

Kate Bauer-Jones, Executive Director, Future Forward

Future Forward Literacy:

  • Multi-tiered, proven support system for K-3 struggling readers centered around the larger social context to promote a lasting solution to student literacy deficits
  • Supervised by certified teachers or youth-serving professionals with freestanding curriculum/materials and full collaboration of school administrators and classroom teachers
  • Trained Family Engagement Coordinators who work with parents and caregivers to enhance students’ reading and overall academic success
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