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Tutoring with the Lightning Squad

Tutoring with Lightning Squad’s goal is to address reading deficits for beginning readers through 5th  grade.

It was the perfect storm. Because of the pandemic’s remote learning, over 80% of Kimberlee Corrigan’s third-grade students were struggling. Most were reading well-below a 2nd grade level due to lost face-to-face instructional time. When school returned to in-person learning, Kimberlee quickly realized that her students needed serious intervention. Some couldn’t read at all. And it was impossible for her to meet each student’s individual learning needs with such large gaps.

In fall 2021, four Lightning Squad tutors joined Kimberlee’s team and sparked a learning revolution. 

The Lightning Squad tutors worked with small groups of students, up to 38 students daily. They provide structured, proven interventions for phonics, fluency, and comprehension, customized for each student. Within the first month, every one of Ms. Corrigan’s students showed rapid progress.

The Lightning Squad’s welcoming, consistent presence helps Kimberlee’s students flourish personally. The tutors listen and encourage and serve as additional role models. Ms. Corrigan also gets valuable feedback on her students’ strengths and challenges.   

“Students need consistent intervention,” Ms. Corrigan says. “Small-group time has been really helpful for my students. If we can catch as many kids as possible in third grade and help them to succeed, it’s going help their attitude, their lives, their hope.”

Tutoring with the Lightning Squad:

  • In-person tutoring designed for struggling readers, 1st-5th grade
  • Tutors work with 2-4 students for 30 minutes a day, every day
  • Student partnerships and web-based learning games keep students highly engaged
  • Ongoing assessment targets content to student needs
  • Detailed tutor guides and ongoing coaching prepare and support tutors well
  • Frequent student progress reports show growth
  • Student partnerships and web-based learning games keep students highly engaged
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