Math Corps

Math Corps’s goal is to provide one-on-one-, two-, or three math interventions for students in grades 4-8 through trained AmeriCorps tutors.

Math Corps’ proven, research-based approach, developed by ServeMinnesota and administered by Ampact, works with students struggling in math. It has never been more important as students struggled during the remote days of the pandemic and after.

During remote learning, Daniel, then in 5th grade in the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191 in Minnesota, was failing math tests. Without the personal assistance he had been receiving prior to the pandemic, he quickly fell behind.

Math Corps was exactly what he needed. During remote instruction, Daniel was able to access the program’s virtual model, developed to address pandemic learning changes.

After an online math assessment, Math Corps matched Daniel, who had flourished with a Reading Corps tutor in 2nd and 3rd grade, with Alexei, his tutor, for sessions three times a week. Daniel’s skills and test scores quickly improved, and his outlook about math became more positive.

Their relationship went beyond fractions. Alexei became a role model and a friend, bonding over a mutual love of Fortnite. Alexei helped with simple coding projects, which gave Daniel the confidence to choose a coding elective in middle school. That’s part of the Math Corps equation for a student: adding an extra connection with a caring, dedicated adult.

In January 2021, Daniel and Talitha testified before the Minnesota House Education Finance Committee in support of bill HF 4 to appropriate $3 million for Math Corps and $2 million for Reading Corps to help reduce math and reading learning loss due to the pandemic.

Math Corps tutors have returned to the classroom to assist kids like Daniel, helping students with exceptional, individualized, free tutoring.

“Districts are continuously searching for high quality math intervention resources that aren’t just rote practice – but offer a true understanding of numbers and numbers concepts. Math Corps is absolutely necessary. What I appreciate about Math Corps is the intensity of the interventions and the partnership between students. Those elements lead to tremendous gains in student growth. That is the key. We know early intervention makes all the difference.”

Ariana Wright, Principal, Kasson-Mantorville Elementary School

Math Corps:

  • Comprehensively trained AmeriCorps tutors work in schools, part-time or full-time
  • Consistent interventions, about 90 minutes per week
  • School staff trained by Math Corps for on-demand support regarding student and educator communication
  • Monthly coaching and feedback for tutors and school staff to ensure high fidelity to the program
  • On-demand data management collection and assessment system and collaboration with school staff on data interpretation to track student progress
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